The Missing


Difficulty: Expert. 4-8 Players. A new piece of evidence from our suspect reveals a series of puzzles that must be solved before it’s too late! You have one hour, detectives. Can you solve the case & save the next victim!

Not recommended for younger players. Some props are very realistic. Some flickering & strobe lighting as well.

Cost: Groups of 5 or less are $20 per person, and groups of 6 or more are $17.50 per person. So bring your friends! Additional players can be added upon arrival.

We are open for bookings Monday-Friday from 10am-8:30pm and on Saturdays from 9:30am – 10pm.

Special events and large groups are welcome, but please call first. We ask that you please book your escape at least 2 hrs in advance. Last-minute bookings are fine, but please call ahead first to verify availability.





60 min


4-8 Players