Book a Room


PLEASE NOTE: You must enter the number of Players first in order to book.

All rooms are PRIVATE. Once you book your escape, only your group will be playing.

Cost: Groups of 5 or less are $20 per person, and groups of 6 or more are $17.50 per person. So bring your friends! Children 5 and under are free. Additional players can be added after arrival (but before the game begins).

We are open for bookings Monday-Friday from 11am-8:30pm and on Saturdays from 11am – 10pm. Special events and large groups are welcome, but please call first.

We ask that you please book your escape at least 2 hrs in advance. Since all games are booked in advance, if we don't have any bookings we may not be at the office, so please call ahead for last-minute bookings.