The Slaughterin’ Hole


Difficulty: Moderate.¬†1-6 players. You stop at a roadside diner for something to eat, but the place is deserted…or is it? The gruesome scene you uncover is only the beginning of your horrible experience. Can you escape The Slaughterin’ Hole before a crazed maniac catches you snooping around his murder scene?!

Cost: Groups of 5 or less are $20 per person, and groups of 6 or more are $17.50 per person. So bring your friends! Additional players can be added upon arrival.

We are open for bookings Monday-Friday from 10am-8:30pm and on Saturdays from 9:30am – 10pm.

Special events and large groups are welcome, but please call first. We ask that you please book your escape at least 2 hrs in advance. Last-minute bookings are fine, but please call ahead first to verify availability.






1-6 players